Wednesday, December 4, 2019

A week of bad.

I am bloated. I feel fat.  Blah.

I started my official "cheat day" the day before Thanksgiving. Then we had two Thanksgivings, my son's birthday dinner, and now I am on my way home from a work trip to Ohio with my husband- work for him, vacation for me. While we have been up here, I have done okay with my food intake during the day, but have blown my carb counts out of the water at dinner time.   So my cheat day turned into a cheat week!

So yeah, I have a wheat belly.  I  feel okay now though.  S.A.D has subsided some. Getting away from home was what my husband and I needed.  We needed time together and time away from our soul-sucking house. Now that he is on third shift, our time together is limited, and the time we do have... he is usually tired and grumpy.  We needed a few days of just us, to reconnect and to break the cycle we had going.

I have made a new commitment last week. I saw an ad for Chris Freytag's Get Healthy UTV.  It is a streaming and download service for workouts.  It also acts as a personal trainer, as there are a lot of downloadable calendars you can print off to keep track of where you need to be. You could try premium for a year for $3, so I did that.  Then they offered to upgrade me to Gold for $13? more.  So I did that. I am pretty excited.  Winter is hard for me. I HATE the cold air, and getting out to run is usually challenging. This way I can keep working on my goals without having to step outside. It also includes a facebook group that is supposed to be super supportive, so I can't wait to get started!

Tomorrow is back to keto and heavy detoxing...and work!  BLAH!

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