Monday, March 11, 2019


I have blogged for many years, off and on. I have created multiple blogs just to abandon them later, to then pick them up again, and on and on. I have blogs on WordPress and Blogger. I have decided once again to move away from WordPress because blogger offers me something WordPress doesn't- a way to monetize my site. Also, domain costs are wayyy lower with Blogger as opposed to Wordpress. $12 a year to monetize my site, and with Blogger, it is $18 a month?  No thank you.  I will stick with Google. Who doesn't love all things Google anyway?  The Google suite of apps is amazing and free. I like free.

So who am I and what will you get from this new blog with an old title. I have been writing under "Chasing Away Chubby" for many years over at Wordpress. This blog is basically going to be about my journey to get healthy and to run an entire 5K.  There will be lots of pictures, very few selfies, and many laughs along this journey. 

For the first few days I will be catching y'all up on my journey I have taken over the last few years that brought me to this place.

So sit back, hold onto your seats, and hit that subscribe button. It's about to get wild around here.

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